Frequently asked questions

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How much is the fee Real Money Transfer charges?

Real money doesn’t charge any extra fees when sending money over to Brazil. Real Money charges £3.00 when sending inside Europe.

What do I need to register at Real Money Transfer?

To register at Real Money Transfer you will need a valid passport and a utility bill on your name.

I am not able to go to any Real Money store, can I still get register?

Yes, the registration can be done by email. Real Money will send you an email attached with a link to get register. It is really simple, just fill it up and re-send it to us. You also need to scan all the documents and send it by email to us.

How long does the money get to it's destination?

It takes 2 working days after be dispatched.

Do I need to go to Real money's store every time I want to send money abroad?

No, Real Money does transfers of money direct with the bank. After you get register with Real Money you will receive a number and with that number you can transfer money anywhere. But you will need to call one of our stores.

How much can I send?

There’s a limit of £12.000 per year. Every time you send over £2,000 you will be asked to provide your bank statement and  payslips or any other kind of document that our Compliance area request.

How many beneficiaries can I register?

There’s no limit. You can add as many people as you like.

If I am not able to go to Real Money's store, can I send someone else?

If you want someone to do a tranfer over your name, you may need to sign and authorize  the other person to do so.

Does Real Money exchange money?

Yes we do, we have the best price, come and visit us.